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Join TOFWERK at EWCPS 2019

EWCPS 2019 Pau, France

TOFWERK is proud to support EWCPS 2019, which will bring the plasma spectrochemistry community together in the beautiful city of Pau, France. 

In addition to connecting with current icpTOF customers and collaborators at our booth, TOFWERK scientists will have the opportunity to present data from recent applications with the icpTOF and discuss the advantages of this technology with researchers from around the world. 

TOFWERK EWCPS 2019 Activities and Presentations


We invite you to visit our booth in the exhibition hall to meet members of our icpTOF Team, see recent application data, and discuss how your research could benefit from working with TOFWERK.

EWCPS 2019 icpTOF Presentations from TOFWERK

February 4
MP-33: High-performance LA-ICP TOF MS imaging combining the Cobalt LA cell and ICP TOF – Martin Rittner, Ciprian Stremtan

February 5
TP-53: Automated solution for processing complex data sets generated in single particle and single cell analysis by ICP-TOF-MS – Olga Borovinskaya, Luca Flamigni, Daniele Chiaretti, Oestlund Fredrik

February 6
13:30, Thermo Scientific Lunch Seminar: Martin Rittner Laser Ablation imaging with the icpTOF

EWCPS 2019  icpTOF Presentations from Other Groups

February 4
MP-58: Online microdroplet calibration for size and concentration determination of nanoparticle mixtures by ICP-TOF-MS – Kamyar Mehrabi, Detlef Gunther, Alexander Gundlach-Graham

MP-60: Single-cell analysis enabled by ICP-TOF-MS – Anna Schoeberl, Sophie Neumayer, Andreas Schweikert, Gerrit Hermann, Sarah Theiner, Gunda Koellensperger

February 5
11:00-11:25, KT-3: A. Gundlach-Graham – Monte Carlo simulations to characterize low-count-rate signals in ICP-TOFMS and applications to single-particle analysis

11:40-11:55, OT-03: T. Vonderach – Analysis of single cells transported via microdroplets using ICP-TOFMS

15:10-15:35, KT-4: G. Köllensperger – Novel workflows for metal-based anticancer drug research enabled by ICP-TOF-MS

February 6
08:30-09:15, PLW-1: D. Günther – Contributions to automated element imaging by Laser Ablation ICP-Mass Spectrometry

11:25-11:40, OW-02: B. Meermann – An automated single algae-ICP-ToF-MS approach for the investigation of metal uptake in single diatoms

February 7
THP-53: Quantitative LA-ICP-TOF-MS bioimaging – Andreas Schweikert, Sarah Theiner, Anna Schoeberl, Sophie Neumayer, Bernhard K. Keppler, Gunda Koellensperger

February 8
08:30-09:10 PLF-1: N. Jakubowski – Method development for single cell analysis by use of ICP-MS and ICP-TOFMS


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