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TOFWERK at Goldschmidt 2018

Join TOFWERK at Goldschmidt 2018  

Goldschmidt 2018 (Boston, MA-August 12-17) will bring together scientists from around the world to promote an understanding of geochemistry and related subjects.  With over an estimated 3500 delegates expected this year in Boston, we are looking forward to a productive and inspiring meeting.  

TOFWERK Goldschmidt 2018 Activities and Presentations 

TOFWERK Goldschmidt Booth 32

We invite you to visit our booth to meet members of our icpTOF Team, see recent application data, and discuss how your research could benefit from working with TOFWERK.

TOFWERK icpTOF Goldschmidt Presentations & Nanoparticle Workshop

August 11-12, Nanoparticle Workshop
Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences—From Theory to Practice

August 15, 10:15, Room 207
Advances in Zircon Geochronology by LA-Icp-TOF-MS, Martin Rittner, TOFWERK, Switzerland

August 15, 11:15, Room 302
Synergy of Multi-Element Single Particle ICP-Tofms and Field-Flow Fractionation for the Analysis of Complex Samples, Olga Borovinskaya, TOFWERK, Switzerland

August 15, 17:15-19:15, Room 410
Analyzing Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles: A Way Forward, Thilo Hofman, University of Vienna, Austria

August 17, 11:00, Room 204
Advantages of LA-Tof-ICP-MS for Analysis of Geological Materials, Jay Thompson, University of Tasmania, Australia

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