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TOFWERK China Contributes to the 2019 ‘CIIE Blue’ Campaign


During the 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE) exhibition, TOFWERK China was appointed by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment to participate in the ‘CIIE blue’ campaign. Our market leading Vocus S PTR-TOF, which measures atmospheric VOCs with a resolution of 1 second or better, was deployed in a van and performed mobile measurements in the Yangtze River Delta region. 

Figure 1. Vocus S PTR-TOF

In two weeks, the mobile Vocus S PTR-TOF covered a total of 3500 kilometers, visited dozens of industrial parks and VOC hot zones, reached daily operation hours of >10 hours with a cruising speed of 100 km/h on the highway.  The Vocus S PTR-TOF’s robustness, data accuracy, and ability to report 1-second data with cruising speeds of <100 km/h resulted in a dataset that was highly acknowledged by the local authority.  

TOFWERK will be continuously improving the mobile Vocus PTR-TOF platform in terms of both hardware and data exhibition, and we look forward to contribute to the ‘CIIE blue’ campaign in 2020! 

Figure 2. An overview of driving trajectory of mobile Vocus S PTR-TOF during the ‘CIIE blue’ campaign.
Figure 3. The acknowledge letter to TOFWERK China by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment.

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