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Vocus PTR-TOF Highlighted at EMSC 2018

Join TOFWERK at the European Mass Spectrometry Conference (EMSC

We are excited to join the French and German mass spectrometry communities to share recent advances in mass spectrometry technologies and applications at the inaugural European Mass Spectrometry Conference (EMSC) in Saarbrücken, Germany – 11-15 March, 2018.

TOFWERK Poster Presentation at EMSC 2018

Monday, 12-March [P017] –A new PTR-ToF reaction cell combining linear and oscillating fields

Our Vocus PTR-TOF application scientist, Luca Cappellin will present an overview of TOFWERK’s novel Vocus proton transfer reaction cell used in the Vocus PTR-TOF. With sub-ppt limits of detection and mass resolving power up to 15000, the Vocus PTR-TOF  is used for sensitive, real-time detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in industrial, laboratory, and field applications.



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Webinar: Fundamentals and Applications of the Vocus PTR-TOF