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TOFWERK at EuFN and fit4nano Workshop

eufn fit4nano workshop

The fibTOF team will join other fit4nano members and European FIB Network partners in Vienna, Austria for the joint EuFN and fit4nano workshop/meeting from 27-29 September, 2021.

fibTOF Activities at EuFN


We invite you to visit our booth to meet members of our fibTOF team, discuss the benefits of the fibTOF technology, and see recent application data.

fibTOF Presentations

29-September, 2021

#40, 10:50am
Development of an O-TOFSIMS integrated on a UHV FIB/SEM workstation: challenges and innovative approaches for in depth correlated nano-analyzes and high-resolution imaging, J. Almoric, Orsay Physics

#41, 11:05am
Focused Electron Beam Induced Mass Spectrometry – new, versatile method of in-situ analysis of nanomaterials, J. Jurczyk, EMPA

#42, 11:20am
fibTOF: The Use of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Capabilities for Material Characterization on a FIB-SEM Microscope, L. Pillatsch, TOFWERK

#43, 11:40
Review of fluorine gas-assisted FIB-TOF-SIMS for enhanced 3D chemical characterization of materials in nanoscale, A. Priebe, EMPA

#44, 11:55am
Challenges and benfits of fluorine gas coinjection during FIB-TOF-SIMS analysis, K. Wieczerzak, EMPA

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The fibTOF Enables Sensitive 3D Chemical Imaging with Nanometer Resolution

Add FIB-SIMS capabilities to commercial FIB-SEM microscopes for powerful secondary ion imaging and depth profiling 

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The fibTOF team is a proud member of the fit4nano community.  This group connects partners from academia and industry to further the development and application of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology.


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