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TOFWERK- Proud Partner of EWLA 2022

EWLA 2022

TOFWERK is excited to support the laser ablation community as a Gold Partner of the 15th European Workshop on Laser Ablation (EWLA 2022) in Bern, Switzerland.

Situated right down the river from the TOFWERK headquarters, the University of Bern will host this year’s conference.  The icpTOF team looks forward to sharing recent instrument developments and multi-elemental LA-ICP-MS applications in special seminars, scientific presentations, and conversations at our booth.

icpTOF Activities at EWLA 2022

Gold Sponsor Booth
Meet our team to discuss all-element, high resolution detection for laser ablation imaging with the icpTOF.

TOFWERK and Teledyne Photo Machine Lunchtime Seminars
Wednesday 13 July, 12:30 – 1:15pm
Geo-applications of Laser Ablation – hardware and software updates. Dr Ciprian Stremtan – Teledyne Photon Machines, Dr Martin Rittner – TOFWERK, Dr Thibaut Van Acker – Ghent University

In this lunch seminar, new and exciting advances in software and hardware both in microsampling by laser ablation, as well as regarding data acquisition with the icpTOF, will be highlighted. How these recent developments translate into improved performance, greater robustness and ease of use will be discussed with a select group of key users explaining how they optimize and configure their systems for their application needs. The discussion will focus as much on how these tools are set up and used as on the data they can produce.

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Thursday 14 July, 12:30 – 1:15pm
Analysis of biological samples using LA-ICP-TOFMS – recent application highlights. Dr Ciprian Stremtan – Teledyne Photon Machines, Dr Martin Rittner – TOFWERK, Dr Sarah Theiner – University of Vienna

Fast and high spatial resolution elemental imaging is of growing interest for many biological applications today. During this lunch seminar, the performance of the icpTOF coupled to the latest LA technology for fast and high-resolution imaging will be demonstrated. Every pixel is represented by an individual laser pulse, providing improved image quality. Precise synchronization of the LA system and icpTOF simplifies image reconstruction. Unlike conventional approaches, TOF-MS acquires the full mass spectrum with every measurement, making it uniquely suitable for multi-element studies with a large number of analytes/unknowns, whilst being able to harness the capability of latest generation high repetition rate lasers fitted with low dispersion sample chambers.

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Vendor Talk
Wednesday 13 July, 11:57
Dr. Martin Tanner, icpTOF Product Manager

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Visit to TOFWERK Headquarters in Thun
Friday 15 July, 1:30pm
We invite you to a tour of the TOFWERK headquarters in Thun! On Friday July 15, just after the EWLA 2022 workshop, a bus will pick you up at the conference venue at 2 pm. The visit includes an Apero (drinks & snacks), a tour of the TOFWERK facilities, and a live demo of the icpTOF in combination with fast-washout laser ablation. The bus will take you back to the conference venue, or the train station in Bern by 6 pm. The number of participants is limited so be sure to sign up fast. If you are interested, please send an email with the subject “TOFWERK Visit EWLA 2022” and your name to

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