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TOFWERK at Gas Analysis 2019

Gas Analysis 2019

Join the Vocus PTR-TOF Team at Gas Analysis 2019

TOFWERK will participate in this year’s Gas Analysis Symposium in the Hague, Netherlands from June 18- 20, 2019. 

The Vocus PTR-TOF team will present results from real-time detection of volatile organic compounds using the Vocus PTR-TOF.


Gas Analysis 2019 Vocus PTR-TOF Lectures 

B.09: Improved PTR-TOF sensitivities open new scenarios in breath analysis, Luca Cappellin, TOFWERK, University of Padua

G.10: Sub-pptv sensitivity in on-line analysis of VOCs by a novel PTR-ToF reaction cell superposing DC and RF fields, Felipe Lopez, TOFWERK


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