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TOFWERK at Goldschmidt 2021

goldschmidt 2021

The TOFWERK icpTOF team is excited to join the geochemistry community at Goldschmidt 2021. During this year’s virtual event, scientists from around the world will come together to promote an understanding of geochemistry and related topics. 

TOFWERK Goldschmidt 2021 Activities

TOFWERK Goldschmidt Sponsor Page and Virtual Booth

We invite you to visit our Goldschmidt Sponsor Page and Virtual Booth (Exhibit Hall 4) to chat with the icpTOF team, see recent application data, and learn more about how your research would benefit from working with TOFWERK.

Don’t miss these special virtual events

Live Chat with the icpTOF team (Spatial Chat Platform)
5-9 July – 13:30-14:30 CEST and 20:00-21:00 CEST

Thursday, 8 July – 11:02 CEST, Online Room 13
LA-ICP-TOFMS for mulit-element, multi-isotope studies
Martin Rittner, TOFWERK

Tuesday, 6 July – 17:00 CEST, Online Room 2
Development of an extended matrix-matched calibration protocol for fast, high-resolution, quantitative chemical mapping of major and trace elements of polymineralic samples by laser-ablation coupled to time-of-flight-mass-spectrometry (LA-ICP-TOF-MS).
Dany Savard, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi