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TOFWERK Opens in Japan and Korea

TOFWERK Japan and Korea Office

February 2023

TOFWERK is pleased to announce the opening of two new regional offices – TOFWERK Japan and TOFWERK Korea.   

East Asia is a rapidly expanding market for TOFWERK, with increasing deliveries of our mass spectrometers for established and emerging applications.  Following the successful model of our US and Chinese offices, these new teams and facilities will allow us to directly and efficiently support existing partners and customers, while giving new contacts closer access to our products and technical experts.  Our regional teams have already begun to establish productive partnerships with local industrial and academic groups in Japan and Korea to further develop applications and showcase the strengths of TOFWERK technology.

The opening of these offices coincides with the launch of our Semicon AMC and Process Solutions for semiconductor manufacturing – a sector with significant presence in this region.  TOFWERK Semicon AMC Solutions offer comprehensive coverage across all key AMC categories using novel fast-switching time-of-flight chemical ionization mass spectrometry. TOFWERK Semicon Process Solutions are fully integrated process characterization and monitoring systems.

We invite you to connect to meet our regional staff and to learn more about the advantages of our products.

Seiichi Shimizu
Head of Sales and General Manager, TW Japan and TW Korea

4 168 Motomachi Naka ku
231 0861 Yokohama, Japan

T 10114 Giheung Tera Tower,
Nongseo don 452, Yongin si
Gyeonggi do 17111 South Korea

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