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TOFWERK Joins Chemlys at Forum LABO 2023

Forum LABO

TOFWERK and our French sales parter, Chemlys, welcome you to booth D64 in hall 4 at Forum Labo in Paris, France from 28-30 March 2023.

Forum LABO brings together the French community of researchers and laboratory professionals from a variety of public and private sectors. With over 300 exhibitors and 6,000 visitors, we look forward to networking with our partners and meeting new customers this year!

TOFWERK Highlights for Forum Labo 2023

Bring the lab anywhere.
Vocus chemical ionization mass spectrometers (Vocus CI-TOF) deliver sub-ppt limits of detection for real-time measurement of VOCs and VICs, optimized for use in laboratories, industrial sites, and mobile applications.  

Learn more about Vocus applications in ambient air monitoring, material emissions, and food, flavor, and fragrances.

Innovation Award Winner at Forum Labo 2023.
The TOFWERK ecTOF is the first-ever mass spectrometer to operate using parallel chemical ionization (CI) and electron ionization (EI) in a single time-of-flight (TOF) mass analyzer during a single chromatographic separation step.

Read more about the Forum Labo Innovation Award.

Learn more about multidimensional analysis for target, suspect, and non-targeted applications with the ecTOF.

All the elements.  All the time. 
The icpTOF is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) that couples the source and interface hardware of a Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ to a TOFWERK TOF mass analyzer.  With high-speed mass spectral acquisition and simultaneous analysis of all isotopes, the icpTOF is the ideal ICP-MS detector for multi-element single particle analysis and laser ablation imaging.

Learn more about icpTOF laser ablation and single-particle/single-cell applications.