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Meet TOFWERK at Pittcon 2023

pittcon 2023

TOFWERK is excited to reconnect with the analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy communities in Philadelphia at Pittcon 2023. Meet us at booth 1937 to discuss our high performance time-of-flight MS technology for trace gas analysis applications, including ambient air monitoring, material emissions, semiconductor, and food, flavor and fragrance.

TOFWERK Booth 1937

Technical Program
PM Poster Session – P84
The Newly Designed “Aim” Soft Chemical Ionization Reactor for Direct, Real-Time Measurement of Inorganic Acids, Functionalized Organics, and PFAS Species, Dr. Abigail Koss

Discuss Trace Gas Analysis Using the Vocus CI-TOF at Pittcon 2023

Bring the lab anywhere. Vocus chemical ionization mass spectrometers (Vocus CI-TOF) deliver sub-ppt limits of detection for real-time measurement of VOCs and VICs, optimized for use in laboratories, industrial sites, and mobile applications. Available with two interchangeable chemical ionization reactors – The Vocus PTR and Vocus Aim. Each reactor targets different classes of compounds, enabling customizable system configuration to address varied and evolving requirements. Contact our team:

Learn More about ClearFab Semiconductor Solutions at Pittcon 2023

Semiconductor manufacturing requires purity of materials and contaminant-free
environments to ensure high-quality products and minimize yield loss. ClearFab AMC and Process Solutions leverage the speed and sensitivity of TOFWERK’s time-of-flight mass spectrometry to meet demanding and diverse fab applications. Contact our team:

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