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Mobile Air Monitoring Lab for CDPHE

A Vocus mobile air monitoring lab was recently delivered to Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment. CDPHE will be using the lab to conduct local emissions and air quality monitoring. This will include the investigation and monitoring of emission sources and presence of these emissions in surrounding communities.

After winning a competitive bid for the initiative, TOFWERK converted a Mercedes Sprinter van into a comprehensive VOC and VIC monitoring lab. The lab is equipped with a Vocus Eiger and B, allowing for robust, sensitive, and fast mobile analysis of volatile organic and inorganic compounds. Most of CDPHE’s efforts will focus on compounds emitted from Denver’s oil and natural gas infrastructure and other industrial sources. Using TOFWERK’s patented chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (CI-TOF-MS), the lab will also help investigate odor complaints and provide a greater understanding of Colorado’s air quality in urban and rural areas.

Vocus mobile lab for fenceline monitoring, cockpit.
Vocus mobile lab cockpit.

TOFWERK has built and deployed similar fenceline monitoring labs all over the world, including in China and Europe. The trace gas measurement capabilities of the Vocus make it the ideal solution for a wide variety of air measurement applications. Combining consideration for its performance and compact size, Vocus is quickly gaining prominence in mobile lab applications.

A Global Reputation for Mobile Air Monitoring

Using Vocus mobile air monitoring labs, regulators and researchers can assure that they are adequately equipped for fenceline monitoring campaigns. Conventional fenceline monitoring systems fall short in their speed, sensitivity, and range of compounds they are capable of measuring. With fast speed and high sensitivity, the Vocus measures a wide range of VOCs and VICs. Conventional fenceline monitoring systems typically require multiple sensors and instruments to perform adequately. The Vocus tracks known hazardous compounds in real-time while simultaneously measuring 1000s of other compounds, many of which are hazardous.

Vocus mobile monitoring lab conducting early morning fenceline measurements.

As a result of this project, we are already anticipating the deployment of additional mobile labs in the coming months. As regulators become increasingly more interested in holding industrial manufacturers accountable for their emissions, mobile labs will be of significant importance.

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