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Vocus Cork Analyzer to be Unveiled at SIMEI 2019

TOFWERK is excited to introduce the world’s first high-throughput, industrial solution for cork wine stopper off-flavor analysis and sorting. 

The Vocus Cork Analyzer accelerates cork wine stopper production and ensures that producers deliver the highest quality cork wine stoppers to the winemakers and consumers who rely on them.  

Join us at our booth (15 D04) at the 28th International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition (SIMEI 2019) for the official release of the Vocus Cork Analyzer.    


TOFWERK SIMEI 2019 Activities and Presentations 


We invite you to visit our booth to learn more about the Vocus Cork Analyzer and see how your cork production workflow would benefit from working with TOFWERK.  

Vocus Cork Analyzer SIMEI Presentation

20-November, Pavillion 15, 10-10:30h
Vocus Cork Analyzer: A revolutionary industrial solution for TCA and off-flavor real-time screening of wine cork stoppers, Luigi Ciotti, TOFWERK

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