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Integrated Vocus PTR-TOF with Autosampler for VOC Monitoring: Video

The combination of the fast, ultra-sensitive Vocus PTR-TOF and this novel autosampler, allows quasi-simultaneous, real-time monitoring of over 100 samples with a single mass spectrometer – providing a unique solution for VOC research in plant science and other fields.


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In the context of an ongoing research collaboration between the University of Bern Institute of Plant Sciences and TOFWERK, with support from Abon Life Sciences and Bibus AG,  a Vocus PTR-TOF was integrated into a newly developed autosampler (patent pending) to study VOC kinetics of 102 plants in a near-simultaneous fashion. During operation, each volatile source containing a plant is purged by a clean air flow that carries the emitted VOCs directly to the Vocus PTR-TOF for analysis. The autosampler then cycles between individual containers, measuring VOC emissions and plant responses to different stimulants, treatments, or environmental conditions.

See Application Note, High-Throughput Monitoring of Plant VOC Kinetics with a Novel Autosampler and the Vocus PTR-TOF for further examination of the autosampler.


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