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Vocus CI-TOF Webinar: Fast and Sensitive AMC Detection in the Fab

AMC detection in fab


With a global chip shortage, compounding supply chain complications, and drastically increasing raw material costs – semiconductor manufacturers need readily available solutions to improve production yield. Airborne molecular contamination (AMC) is of critical concern for semiconductor manufacturers, directly impacting production yield and product performance. As chip technologies advance – reducing in size and increasing in complexity – AMC monitoring solutions must perform ultra-sensitive AMC detection for all classes of AMC contaminants in real-time. Traditional monitoring systems fail to meet desired limits-of-detection and often report in intervals, not in real-time, missing critical AMC incidents.

In this webinar we present the Vocus CI-TOF approach to AMC detection and monitoring. By providing robust real-time and retrospective analysis for all categories of AMCs, the Vocus CI-TOF delivers comprehensive AMC control where other solutions fall short.

Key Discussion Points

  • Why AMC detection is critical to semiconductor manufacturing processes
  • Why existing AMC solutions fail to meet modern manufacturing requirements
  • Review the Vocus CI-TOF and its performance as the most sensitive, fast, and versatile solution for routine process monitoring and R&D interests

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Webinar Presenter

Dr. Carla Frege is an application scientist at TOFWERK, Thun-Switzerland. She has experience in atmospheric science with a particular focus on mass spectrometry. Her current interests lie in the application of atmospheric science to industrial use-cases, including the research and development of sensitive technology for monitoring of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in the semiconductor, electrochemistry and food industries.