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Spotlighting the icpTOF at WCPS 2016


Our icpTOF team will start the year at the 2016 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry next week in Tucson, AZ, USA (Jan 10 -16).

We invite you to stop by Booth 1 to discuss our latest icpTOF applications and developments.

Results from the icpTOF will be included in various talks, including applications to nanoparticles and high-speed LA imaging of biological tissue and zircons. These presentations are summarized below.

Not attending?  Contact us to say you are interested in hearing more, and we will send you copies of our presentations after the conference.

Monday, January 11

08:00 PLO1  Nanoparticles in the Environment: Analytical Strategies for Identification and Quantification.   Frank von der Kammer,  University of Vienna.  The icpTOF is used to, for example, distinguish natural from engineered nanoparticles.

Tuesday, January 12

09:00 IL10 Challenges in Laser Ablation ICPMS.  Detlef Gunther, ETH Zurich.  The icpTOF is coupled with LA and successfully applied to 2D and 3D-imaging.

3:00 TP15 SP-ICP-TOFMS for the Analysis of Nanoparticles.   Martin Tanner, TOFWERK. Our most recent achievements in single-particle analysis using the icpTOF.

3:00 TP43 UV-fs-LA-ICPTOFMS Depth Profiling of La0.4Ca0.6MnO3 PLD Thin Films.  Kevin Guex, ETH Zurich.  ETH Zurich presents the first results from a femto-second laser coupled to the icpTOF.

Wednesday, January 13

3:55 WS104 High Speed Bio-Imaging by LA-ICP-TOFMS and a New Direct Concentric Injector Nebulizer Rob Hutchinson, ESI.  The first biological imaging results measured with ESI’s new fast LA technology coupled to the icpTOF

Friday, January 15

3:00 FP15 High Speed Imaging of Zircon Grains by LA-ICP-TOFMS and a New Direct Concentric Injector Interface.  Rob Hutchinson, ESI

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