Webinar: fibTOF -Bringing New Capabilities to FIB-SEM Research


The TOFWERK fibTOF adds FIB-SIMS capabilities to FIB-SEM microscopes, enabling sensitive 3D chemical imaging with a spatial resolution of a few tens of nanometers.  In this webinar, we provide an overview of the fibTOF technology and discuss a wide variety of application areas.  

Key Discussion Points

  • fibTOF technology: An overview of key parameters
  • Applications of interest including: semiconductor, thin films, metals, and life science.
  • fibTOF models and performances

On Demand Webinar

Webinar Presenter

Dr. Lex Pillatsch is Product Manager of fibTOF at TOFWERK in Thun, Switzerland. He is an international expert in secondary ion mass spectrometry, with extensive experience in secondary ion mass spectrometry in combination with FIB-SEM microscopes (FIB-SIMS). His current research focus is on the fibTOF technology which adds FIB-SIMS capabilities to FIB-SEM microscopes, enabling sensitive chemical imaging in three dimensions with nanometer resolution.
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