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Webinar: Real-Time Mobile VOC Monitoring with the Vocus PTR-TOF


Ambient air contains a dynamic and diverse mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Variations in the VOC mixture across location and time provide vital insight into emission sources and chemistry. Mobile laboratories equipped with the TOFWERK Vocus PTR-TOF directly measure ambient air in real-time to address real-world industrial, regulatory, and research problems.

In this webinar we discuss how real-time mobile VOC monitoring provides unparalleled insight into the atmosphere by tracking emission sources, characterizing their VOC signatures, and quantifying their contributions using source apportionment analysis.

Key Discussion Points

  • The challenges of mobile science, and how TOFWERK is addressing these
  • Mobile instrumental technique and installation possibilities
  • Mobile laboratory applications and data visualization approaches

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Webinar Presenter

Dr. Abigail Koss is an Application Scientist at TOFWERK USA in Boulder, CO. She is an international PTR-MS expert, with extensive experience in environmental fieldwork for atmospheric chemistry. Her research focal points include chemical ionization instrument development and interpretation techniques for large mass spectrometry datasets.