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Webinar: Real-Time Breath Analysis With the Vocus Mass Spectrometer

real-time breath analysis


Human breath contains a broad spectrum of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These molecules offer a unique way to study human metabolism and detect various diseases. The Vocus chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer provides real-time, quantitative and humidity independent measurements essential for reliable breath analysis. In this webinar we demonstrate the advantages of breath analysis with the Vocus mass spectrometer based on recent measurements and discuss potential applications in disease diagnostics, pharmacokinetics and exposure assessment. 

Above: A team of researchers from IRCELYON and ISA (CNRS/University of Lyon, France) has deployed the Vocus PTR-TOF at the Croix Rousse Hospital in Lyon, France to study breath analysis for COVID-19 detection.

Key Discussion Points

  1. The advantages and challenges of the breath analysis method
  2. The Vocus mass spectrometer as an optimal tool for breath analysis
  3. Applications of breath analysis, from disease diagnostics to aroma analysis in a consumer’s nose.

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Webinar Presenter

real-time breath analysis

Dr. Veronika Pospisilova is an Application Scientist at TOFWERK in Thun, Switzerland.  She is an analytical chemist with a background in atmospheric chemistry and state-of-the art mass spectrometry for chemical analysis of aerosols. Her current research focus is the development of chemical ionization instrumentation for real-time measurement of volatile organic compounds.