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Webinar: Real-Time Screening of Cork Wine Stoppers for TCA and Other Off-Flavors


Cork is a complex natural material obtained from the outer bark of cork oaks (Quercus Suber). Cork stoppers are the main closure system for wine aging in bottles – taking advantage of the material’s chemical inertness, elasticity, and impermeability to liquids and gases.

Cork contains a plethora of volatile compounds (VOCs) that can affect the flavor of wine. Most notably, taint from trace levels of 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole (TCA) causes massive economic losses for the wine industry each year. The Vocus Cork Analyzer simultaneously quantifies TCA and other off-flavors in cork wine stoppers below the perception threshold in 3 seconds without destruction of the stopper.

In this webinar we discuss how the Vocus Cork Analyzer accelerates production and delivery of premium quality cork wine stoppers to eradicate cork taint and other undesirable off-flavors that affect wine aroma.

Key Discussion Points

  • The challenges of cork taint and TCA analysis in cork wine stoppers
  • Comparison of the Vocus Cork Analyzer technology to standard analytical methods and other tools used for TCA analysis
  • Future directions of the Vocus Cork Analyzer, including real-time screening of champagne stoppers and cork granules 

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Webinar Presenter

Dr. Luigi Ciotti is a Business Development Manager at TOFWERK, specializing in applications of the Vocus PTR-TOF for food and beverage analysis. He holds an MSc in analytical chemistry and a PhD in physical chemistry and has extensive experience in the global wine and cork industries, both in R&D and business development. His current focus is on the Vocus Cork Analyzer, a revolutionary industrial solution for real-time screening of cork stoppers and cork granules for still and sparkling wines.