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Webinar: TOFpilot- Integrated Control Software for the icpTOF

TOFpilot Integrate Control for icpTOF


The TOFpilot software greatly simplifies the workflow for the user by integrating control over the icpTOF (including iCAP front-end and TOF analyzer) and different sample introduction systems (e.g., autosamplers and laser ablation systems). TOFpilot operates on a module-basis which allows the user to set up different workflow sequences.

This webinar presents an overview of the software and discusses the main sequence workflows including plasma startup, instrument tuning (manual or automated), liquid solution analysis, single particle analysis, and laser ablation imaging (including real-time display).

Key Discussion Points

  • Demonstration of full instrument control with automated tuning routines
  • Example of different applications with dedicated workflows 
  • Automated batch process handling for routine analysis

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