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Webinar: Direct, Real-Time Measurement of Inorganic Acids, Organics, and PFAS in Air Using the Vocus Aim Reactor

Vocus Aim Reactor Webinar

Soft chemical ionization (CI) coupled with TOF mass spectrometry is a powerful technique that allows real-time, direct measurement of trace compounds for air or headspace analysis. TOFWERK’s unique Vocus Aim Reactor is a medium-pressure flow tube CI reaction cell that is optimized for adduct-ion and charge-transfer ionization to analyze diverse compounds, including inorganic acids, VOCs, and PFAS.

In this webinar, we review key advances enabled by the Vocus Aim Reactor, with comparison to other chemical ionization approaches, such as proton-transfer-reaction (PTR).

Webinar Highlights

During this on-demand webinar, we will explore:

Vocus Aim Reactor Design
Get an in-depth look at the reactor’s hardware, ionization source, and humidity independent functionality.

Application to Diverse Compounds and Environments
Learn how the Vocus Aim Reactor enables extremely sensitive detection of functionalized organic compounds, halogenated species including PFAS, and inorganic acids in a diversity of applications in the environment, semiconductor cleanrooms, and consumer products.

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Webinar Presenter


Dr. Abigail Koss is an Application Scientist at TOFWERK USA in Boulder, CO. She is an international PTR-MS expert, with extensive experience in environmental fieldwork for atmospheric chemistry. Her research focal points include chemical ionization instrument development and interpretation techniques for large mass spectrometry datasets.