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Webinar Series: Sampling with Vocus CI-TOF Mass Spectrometers -Part 1

vocus inlet design and sampling


Inlet design is a critical part of any experiment that samples and characterizes air. In this webinar series, we present important concepts for inlet design, and suggest how different experiments may be connected to Vocus chemical ionization mass spectrometers.

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Key Discussion Points – Part 1

  • Understanding inlet effects on time response and sensitivity
  • Practical considerations for building an inlet
  • Common problems with sampling and how to avoid them
  • Inlet passivation and depassivation
  • Correcting data for inlet effects

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Webinar Presenter

Dr. Abigail Koss is an Application Scientist at TOFWERK USA in Boulder, CO. She is an international PTR-MS expert, with extensive experience in environmental fieldwork for atmospheric chemistry. Her research focal points include chemical ionization instrument development and interpretation techniques for large mass spectrometry datasets.