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Electronics Waste Emissions (E-Waste)

High-Throughput Headspace Measurements of Electronics Waste Emissions


Electronics Waste (E-Waste) Emissions Analysis

With a production volume of ~50 million tons in 2018, electronic waste emissions (e-waste) has received major attention in recent decades both from regulatory agencies and from communities concerned with their environmental effect. Electronic waste often contains both metallic and non-metallic elements, both of which are of environmental concern during production, usage, disposal, and recycling. Contamination to soil and to surface and underground water has been well documented, but more work is needed to investigate gas phase toxic chemicals that are released into ambient air. Direct outgassing and dissociated by-products of brominated flame retardants, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and silicone adhesives may have large impact on indoor and atmospheric air.

Vocus CI-TOF coupled to the PAL headspace autosampler greatly enhances analysis for automated detection of trace toxic compounds in complex chemical emission profiles from electronic materials.


  • Online VOC Analysis of E-Waste Using the Vocus CI-TOF

    • Highest sensitivity available with sub-ppt limits of detection
    • High mass resolving power enables identification of individual compounds within complex mixtures
    • Real-time and fast data output capturing rapid changes in VOC concentrations
    • Full spectrum acquisition allows measurements of wide range of compounds simultaneously
    electronic waster emisions
    Selected substances emitted from PCBs and resistors taken from disposed electronics. Dimethylformamide is listed as the dominating specie from PCB samples. One PCB which was coated with silicone layer was clearly differentiated.

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