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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Solutions for yield enhancement in semiconductor fabrication facilities.

In the fast-evolving semiconductor industry, achieving optimal production yield is paramount for sustained competitiveness and profitability. Yield enhancement efforts are pivotal in ensuring that semiconductor manufacturers maximize the number of defect-free integrated circuits (ICs) during production. This involves rigorous optimization of manufacturing processes, including lithography, etching, and packaging, while simultaneously controlling airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs). Effective management of AMCs is critical as these contaminants can compromise semiconductor integrity, leading to defects and reduced yield rates.

This proactive approach enables swift identification of deviations, facilitating prompt corrective actions to maintain high yield rates and ensure consistent product quality. Ultimately, these efforts not only reduce production costs per chip but also strengthen profitability by minimizing scrap and rework expenses, thereby enhancing market competitiveness with reliable, cost-effective semiconductor solutions.

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TOFWERK Market Solutions

TOFWERK Semicon provides fully integrated solutions for characterization and monitoring of semiconductor processes and gas-phase contaminants. Our time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology delivers fast, sensitive real-time detection of VOCs, VICs,  precursors, byproduct and trace species optimized for semiconductor applications.