Vocus PTR-TOF Webinar: Fundamentals and Applications

The Vocus PTR-TOF combines our proprietary Vocus proton transfer reaction (PTR) ion source with our field-proven, high performance time-of-flight MS technology.  The instrument has demonstrated market leading VOC sensitivity and the highest available PTR-MS mass resolving power.

In this webinar, Dr. Felipe Lopez provides an overview of the Vocus PTR-TOF hardware and software and presents results from recent experiments – including direct comparison to other ion source designs –  in order to highlight the unique capabilities of the Vocus PTR-TOF for online VOC analysis.

You will learn about:

  • Vocus PTR-TOF hardware and software, including the high-sensitivity Vocus ion source
  • Key performance characteristics of the Vocus PTR-TOF
  • Experimental workflows, including automated calibrations and zeros and data processing
  • Laboratory and field applications of the Vocus PTR-TOF

Felipe Lopez is an R&D Scientist on our Vocus PTR-TOF team.  He holds a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of Washington.   For his graduate work, Felipe developed and characterized an ambient air sampling inlet, called the FIGAERO, that enabled simultaneous online analysis of aerosol- and gas-phase species by chemical ionization TOFMS.   Felipe deployed the FIGAERO technology for field measurements around the globe.    As a post doc at Paul Scherrer Institute (Villigen, Switzerland),  Felipe developed another aerosol sampling and ionization technique based on extractive electrospray ionization (EESI), which has also been widely used for atmospheric measurements at field sites and on mobile platforms.


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