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Innovative Solutions for Chemical Analysis

TOFWERK is making the world cleaner.

Our time-of-flight mass spectrometers comprehensively characterize the composition and purity of samples and environments. 

Air Quality

Mobile and stationary measurements of trace VOCs for real-time monitoring of air toxics, emerging contaminants and indoor air quality.


Ultra-sensitive analysis in fabs. AMC Solutions simultaneously measure acidic, basic, condensable and VOC contaminants. Process Solutions inform immediate control actions and process intelligence. 

Food, Flavor & Fragrance

High-throughput quality control, including determination of volatile compounds from natural materials, food, water, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and their packaging.

Innovation at Our Core

Since 2002, TOFWERK has continued to redefine what is possible in mass spectrometry by integrating our core technology – time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometers – with diverse sampling systems, ionization sources, and data acquisition platforms. 

Our products provide exceptional sensitivity and high-speed analysis for a broad array of applications in laboratories and at point of need.  

Expert Partners

TOFWERK collaborates with market leaders to uncover customer needs and deliver advanced analytical solutions globally.