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ESNano 2023 Award-Winning Paper: Unraveling Nanoplastics’ Impact on Human Cells Using the icpTOF

We are excited to announce that the collaborative team consisting of TOFWERK’s icpTOF Application Scientist Dr. Lyndsey Hendriks, along with her collaborators Vera M. Kissling, Tina Bürki-Thurnherr, and Denise M. Mitrano, have been awarded the prestigious Environmental Science: Nano 2023 Outstanding Paper Award for their groundbreaking research.

Their manuscript, titled “Development of single-cell ICP-TOFMS to measure nanoplastics association with human cells,” employs the TOFWERK icpTOF to better understand (nano)plastic pollution and its potential impacts on human health and the environment. The research focused on developing a new method for single-cell inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry (sc-ICP-TOFMS), enabling sensitive detection and quantification of metal-doped nanoplastics associated with human cells.  This approach underscores the importance of single-cell analysis as opposed to traditional bulk measurements, since understanding their association and potential impacts on a cell-by-cell basis allows for one to account for biological heterogeneity. By combining this new approach with complementary techniques such as TEM, the authors could reveals insights into nanoplastics’ cellular association.


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This collaboration stands as an exemplary model of industry and academia working together to drive innovation among analytical chemists. Moreover, it empowers  environmental chemists and toxicologists to address increasingly complex research queries with advanced methodologies.

Once again, congratulations to Lyndsey and her colleagues on this well-deserved recognition!

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