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Real-time measurement of trace compounds in air

Vocus Software

A complete suite of software for intuitive and powerful trace gas analysis


Comprehensive analysis and real-time reporting for thousands of measured compounds

A robust software platform providing broad utility for all laboratory and field experiments.

  • Easily navigated data acquisition and analysis
  • Web-based service which operates Vocus CI-TOF instruments
  • Control of all aspects of the instrument including voltages, system control and acquisition


Real-time Vocus analysis integrated directly into 2D and 3D maps

Software for mobile air quality and fenceline monitoring applications, including:

  • Single-click system control
  • Dedicated UI for mobile measurements with 2D and 3D mapping
  • Instant report generation
  • Meteorological data integration
  • Easy-to-use and automated mass, transmission, and sensitivity calibrations
  • Data broadcasting over, HTTP and HJ212 protocols


Intuitive "push-button" user interface for the Vocus Breath Analyzer

A standard software solution for the Vocus Breath Analyzer, VocusBREATHE provides intuitive operation with reproducible sampling and simplified data collection of individual exhalations delivered from the Vocus Breath Inlet.

  • Automated breath detection and sample acquisition
  • Simplified “push-button” acquisition for ease of operation
  • Directly export data to your desired format
  • Control instrument parameters such as voltages, pressures, flows, and temperatures


Track the concentration of target compounds over time

Software for in-situ air quality monitoring, including:

  • Single-click system control
  • Dedicated UI for in-situ measurements of target compound concentration
  • Integration with meteorological data acquisition
  • Easy-to-use wizards for mass, transmission, and sensitivity calibrations
  • Data broadcast over<>, HTTP and HJ212 protocols


Flexible and robust post-process analysis

A comprehensive, flexible graphical interface for viewing, manipulating, and analyzing Vocus data files. Simple data inspection to full-blown peak finding and automated batch processing of large datasets. Quickly and seamlessly navigate your data.

  • Powerful and flexible post-processing software for data visualization and interpretation
  • Perform common analysis operations with intuitive interfaces and dedicated workflows
  • Automated batch process handling for routine analysis of large sample sets
  • Multiple-format data export for use in third-party applications
  • Publication-grade graphics out of the box
  • Modular – allows easy adaptation for OEM and specialized applications


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